We signed up with Signalnet right after we moved here two years ago. At our last house, near the west end of Lake Cypress Springs, we had tried, Wild Blue, Hughesnet, and DSL through the phone company. SIgnalnet is, hands down, the absolute best. With satellite we lost Internet anytime it was extremely cloudy, or there was a heavy rain. We almost never lose signal with Signalnet. Additionally, their customer service and support is crazy good. About a month after our installation there was a big weekend storm. I got up that morning (Saturday or Sunday, I can’t remember which) and saw we had no Internet. I was standing in the living room, dialing their phone number, when the SIgnalnet truck pulled up at our gate. The tech said that they monitor signal quality and saw that our modem was offline so they dispatched him to come check it out….BEFORE I COULD EVEN CALL THEM! If you ask me that’s some pretty impressive customer service right there! If Signalnet is available where you live I highly recommend giving them a call!