Residential Internet

What is Fixed Wireless (AirFiber)?

New Broadband Technology that Offers a Fast and Reliable Connection

Fixed wireless is land-based microwave technology that allows you to send and receive high-speed data between two fixed sites or locations. It is NOT mobile or satellite technology, nor is it Wi-Fi where bandwidth is shared on a “one to many” basis.

There are many compelling advantages for fixed wireless as compared to wired services such as, fast installation, free from trenching and construction, scalable bandwidth, true path and network diversity, and easy ethernet hand-off.

To get connected, a small antenna is installed on your premises which picks up a signal from a wireless tower that allows you to access the internet. Because data is transmitted by radio signals ‘line of sight’ from the tower to your equipment is essential.

Pricing and Availability

Speeds are up to advertised rate and not guaranteed (although we strive to keep them as close as possible!)