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Reliable and fast data connection no matter where you live

Signalnet Anywhere you can get coverage even in rural and remote areas. We offer fixed wireless internet service with a wide coverage area, with service in many states across the US.





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up to 300GB


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Download Speed 

up to 300GB


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Download Speed 

up to 300GB

Looking for Unlimited Data?

We offer Unlimited, Unthrottled, High Speed Internet

Our unlimited data plan you’ll receive reliable and fast data connection. Call us at 972-429-9306 to get High Speed Internet Anywhere to see if your address qualifies.


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How does Signalnet Anywhere work?

When you sign up, we will ship you an activated and ready to use wireless router

Our router connects to local cellular towers and creates a secure Wifi signal

Connect your devices to your wireless router and enjoy your fast and reliable internet

Call Us at 972-429-9306 to get High Speed Internet Anywhere.

Service is unthrottled, with no speed caps. Service is comparable to current cellular technology. Although service isn’t throttled or slowed for any reason, the respective carrier may reprioritize your data in times of congestion. Reprioritization is done by carriers to avoid service degradation for all customers, regardless of location. This generally does not impact your speed or quality of service, but please keep in mind that cellular data speeds are variable.