about us

About us

Since 2003, Signalnet has been providing superior service, designing and installing data networks in Wylie and surrounding cities. Over the years we came to find there was little to no internet in our rural areas, we set out to change this need.

In 2018 Signalnet Broadband was formed to provide wireless internet service (WISP) to underserved and unserved areas. While major carriers, cable providers and satellite providers compete to satisfy consumers’ insatiable thirst for data services, much of the countryside has been left behind. Our mission is to provide fast, reliable wireless Internet access with outstanding customer service. We are currently serving the North and East Texas area.

Why Choose Signalnet?

We're local

Signalnet is locally-owned and operated. We live here and use our services too, so we have to get it right. We believe in investing in more than communication infrastructure. We know people make a real impact in our communities, so our organization and employees proudly support people and organizations that are working to move our local community forward.

We value relationships

We’re dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Signalnet offers the latest technology available backed by a committed, local customer service team.

We invest in progress

Signalnet recognizes that new technologies are expanding and infrastructure is the cornerstone of progress,  so we are constantly integrating the latest technology into our suite of services while maintaining the reliability of our existing services.

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